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Redo a Room...
Green bedroom
...From Top to Bottom
It may seem easier to redecorate your house one room at a time, but there are still many things to consider. That ceiling fan is missing a blade or two. What about replacing that dingy wallpaper? And don't forget the furniture and floors! Get a jump start here.

-Installing a Ceiling Fan
-Floor Coverings
Just Like Your Wardrobe
Woman looking at decor accessories
You Should Accessorize!
Now that you have everything in place, what about the details? You have artwork to hang, shelves to fill, throw pillows to toss on the sofa.... Get some helpful tips on accessorizing here!

-Accents & Accessories
-Decorative Accessories & Decorative Accessory Ideas
-Furnishings / Accessories
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Explore Rooms to learn about a topic in more depth through websites, articles, books and more.
Lounge chair
Furniture is form as well as function. Find out more about what you might like in your home in our Furniture room.
Couple looking at fabric swatches
Painting, floors, accessories... These topics and more are covered in our Decorating & Interior Design room!
Collecting Antique Furniture
Antique chairAntique Furniture Guide
Learn more about antique furniture before you start collecting.
Antique chairCollecting Antique Furniture for Beginners
Read the basics on collecting in this article.
Antique chairCILSS Antique Furniture Information Resource
Get tips on buying, evaluating and selling antique furniture.
Did You Know?
Dog licking man's face
Protect Man's Best Friend
Wooden doghouses should be raised a few inches off of the ground to prevent rotting and to keep out rain.