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Help Out in the Kitchen!
Mother and daughter cooking together

Have fun with mom or dad in the kitchen. Help make dinner or maybe a special baked treat. You can help measure and decorate!...Check it out!

-Fun Foods for Kids!
-Making Biscuits
-That's My Home; Kid's Recipes
Rooms Highlights
You are about to open the door to an interactive and contextual learning experience! Explore the links below to learn about a topic in more depth and to get a taste of what Rooms has to offer!
Girl using a computer
This site is great fun! You can play games that use your favorite characters from PBS shows and much more. Check it out!
Brain illustration
FunBrain is a really fun site. You can play lots of learning games! Visit this fun site where you can play and learn at the same time!
Fun Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls!
PigLittle Piggy
Make your own cute little piggy with this fun toilet paper roll craft!
Kid with binocularsBinoculars
Make a cool pair of binoculars! Just don't use them to spy on your sister!
Have fun making this adorable little frog. You're recycling too!
Did You Know?
Eskimo woman with child
Most Eskimos Don't Live in Igloos
Find out the truth behind this and much more with these cool social studies fun facts! Find Out More!