Typically, the first search page that you access has simple Quick Search options.

Click Advanced Search to further refine your initial search.

Click Browse Search to browse on authors, titles, subjects, series, or journal titles. Some libraries may refer to this as a Heading search.

Click Call Number Browse to search for a specific call number. If you are familiar with your library's catalog record item types, you can choose a specific item type to search under from the Item Type box. You can limit your call number search by the area of the library that the item is located from the Location box.

If available, click on Journal Titles A-Z or Journal Articles to use Sirsi Resolver to find relevant journal information.

Quick Search

You can use Quick Search to search for a word or phrase on the internet or in your library's catalog.

  1. To begin a search, type a term in the search box.
  2. Use the drop-down list arrows to direct your search to the internet, to your library's catalog, or to other options configured by your library.


  3. If available, select either the Search All or Search Resource radio button, with the following actions.
  4. If available, select to Limit OPAC By a branch library in multilibrary systems. Select ALL to search in all libraries in the system.
  5. If available, select a Match On option to match a search term on the Exact, Keyword, or Partial term qualifiers.
  6. Click Search to begin the search.


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