Brief Hit List

A hit list of catalog search results may include the following catalog record information about an item.

If available, items in the hit list may contain enrichment information. Icons for added information take you to the Details display of an item, where you can access the following information.

Once a particular item has been located on the hit list, you may be able to choose to display Details of the item, Keep the item as part of a build-your-own bibliography, or place a Hold on the item for check out. You may also have an XML option which would use the hitlist as an RSS feed supscription list.

Hit List of URLs

A hit list of Web resource search results can include the title of the site, the URL of the site, and a link to the site. Click the URL to go directly to the site.

In some cases, you may have the option to display Details of the site record or to keep the site record information for printing or e-mailing.

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