Details can be the catalog information about a hit list item, or the full available information about a request you have sent to the library. Navigate through the list of Search Results using Previous and Next. Return to the Search Results by clicking Go to Results. Click Search History to view a list of previous searches in this session.

In addition to brief catalog information, you can find the following in the Details view of an item.

The following actions can be taken from the Details view of an item.

By clicking Keep Item, you automatically add the item to your personalized bibliography created during the current session. Don't forget to click Kept Records after you have marked items to Keep from Details.

The Place Hold option allows you to place a hold on an item that is not currently available at the library. You will be notified by your library when the item is available for pickup.

More Features

Click icons in to access book reviews, author interviews, cover jackets, tables of contents, book summaries, author biographies, first chapters and excerpts, electronic texts, and database information, if they are available via subscription.

Click Kept Records to view and manipulate a list of records compiled during this session. The Kept Records list is populated by clicking Keep or Keep Item in the Hit List or Details display.

Click Item Details to view a summary of the item information and the library's holdings. In Holdings, the libraries that contain a copy of your search item are listed. The first library that displays is the current library. If an item has holds placed on it, the estimated time you will have to wait before the item is available for checkout appears. The total number of copies available in the specified library location is also displayed. Some item titles may have more than one copy or be associated with volumes. Any special information about a particular copy of an item may display in a note underneath the copy listing.

Click Catalog Record, to see the Full View From Catalog of the item. In the catalog record, click on hypertext links to perform additional searches.

Click MARC Record to view the item record in MARC format.

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