About Rooms™

When you enter a room in a building, you enter a specific space arranged around an idea, concept, or specific item. The “Living Room” in a home is where everything is centered around daily life; couches, television, conversation areas, books, pictures, curios. Sirsi has applied this concept by contextually arranging information in one defined space to meet user's information needs on a variety of topics. For example, in the Home and Garden Room, you might find information arranged contextually on cooking, gardening, consumer guides, personal finance resources, wedding information, pets and animal care, do-it-yourself tools, and more. When a user enters a Room he/she enters a space where a variety of traditional, digital, and online resources has been contextually arranged to satisfy an information need.


About Sirsi

Founded in 1979, Sirsi Corporation develops, sells, and supports a comprehensive integrated suite of software solutions for meeting the information management and sharing needs of libraries and library users around the world. From the open, evolutionary integrated library system technology in the Sirsi Unicorn Library Management System...to leading-edge data analysis and intelligence tools in Sirsi Director's Station...to leading-edge solutions such as Sirsi Rooms 2.0 for library users seeking unparalleled access to the world of knowledge...Sirsi and its partners provide the broadest array of information management products and services for the library community. Sirsi solutions serve more than 10,000 libraries in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific. For more information about Sirsi, please see www.sirsi.com